About Ramsamy Landcare


Ramsamy Landcare is a Mackay based vegetation control service for major infrastructure organisations such as the mining industry and government throughout Queensland.


RLC was initially formed in 2001 when it undertook some major contracts it still holds today even though there were a number of name changes and owners over this time.

It is this contract consistency and longevity that has helped RLC develop along with its clients more and more sophisticated and audited quality control, WH&S and governance procedures and systems.

RLC currently has 10 field staff and 4 casuals

Managing Director: Edward Ramsamy

Edward has been in business for many years and managed a number of successful companies as Managing Director. This brings a wealth of project management, staff organisation and networking with major and minor affiliates to ensure Ramsamy Landcare’s clients get the best and most cost-effective solutions. This can range from work teams in remote locations and indigenous employment and training.

Administration Manager: Kirilee Moore

Kirilee (Cert III Business Administration) is our friendly ‘touch base’ person, has been with the business for 4 years and not only the accounts and administration is all up to date but the governance required by client is adhered to and available come audit.

Our wonderful field staff

Who work out in remote locations and are the front line with making sure the client gets what they want., a great job, done on time, overtime!

We are proud of our staff meeting our and the clients exacting and accountable standards while being on the front line of maintenance, breakdowns, the weather and the odds jobs that unexpectedly turn up in the field.

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